May 7, 2013

'Raising Girls' interview with Steve Biddulph

According to Steve Biddulph's newest book - 'Raising Girls', "never before has girlhood been under such sustained assault"...

Biddulph believes that our girls are in crisis, and that the current distress of young girls is clearly visible in the exponential rise of mental, emotional and social health problems over the last decade...

Statistics indicate:

  * 1 in 5 girls now have a serious mental health problem before they are 21
  * 13% of all females experience eating disorders
  * Cutting or self harm has increased by 60% in the last 12 months
  * While the rate of suicide amongst teenage boys has dropped, the rate 
     for girls has risen
  * Average age of sexual intercourse is now 14
  * Increases in binge drinking, aggression and depression, with 'anxiety' 
     cited as the key cause
  * 14 is the new 18
  * 70% indicate their looks are their biggest concern
  * Girls are worried about their looks, about belonging, about being loveable
  * The most commonly used language of girls is now - "I hate myself, I hate 
     my body, life sucks..."

Biddulph concludes..."we need to see that our girls are now in real trouble...there's a deeply concerning loss of heart and loss of spirit in young women today...the truth of the problem is - we just have not loved our girls enough..."

This book is a must read for anyone who cares about girls.

In the meantime, his interview with Margaret Throsby from ABC Radio is well worth a listen.

* CLICK HERE to listen


Sarah Hobba said...

Steve came and spoke at school about this exact thing last year. so helpful. Jason performed the wedding ceremony for Steve's niece 2 weeks ago and I really wanted to go up to him and say HOW great his stuff is. He also put me onto Peter Benson and SPARKs, which is a helpful tool. I started a lunchtime group today with 8 girls (from year 5-7) and some yr 12 leaders. Hoping for it to grow.

Sally said...

Thanks for posting Sarie - shocking statistics

Margaret S. said...

Hi Sarie, some how I missed your Blog before... it's been very encouraging today particularly Christine Jensens article on Grief, thanks for putting together so many great articles, looking forward to visiting again Bless you, xm

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