May 21, 2012

My Photo Culture: '...And Dream'...

She walked by the ocean
                  And waited for a star
                                To carry her away

         Feeling so small

         At the bottom of the world

                              Lookin' up to God

Tries to take deep breaths
To smell the salty sea

As it moves 
                over her feet...

The water pulls so strong
           But no one is around
                 And the moon is looking down...             

                                Rosie, come with me
Close your eyes - and dream

The big ships are rolling
                    And lighting up the night

And she calls out,
                                   ... - but they just pass her by

The waves are crashin'
   But not making a sound
     Just mouthing along...


Rosie, come with me 
                                     Close your eyes and dream

                                               Close your eyes and dream...

                                                                        Close your eyes and dream...

* Norah Jones sing's...