January 10, 2011

My Photo Culture: 'My Love Is The Sea...'

           " We're adrift on a sailboat,

My love is the sea... 

                                         Yours is the horizon, 

                       Constant... and steady.

You set my limbs locked hard afloat... 

Lifted my lonesome sails, 

The tide is out, 

the moon is high,

We're sailing. 

Darling, your love is healing,
It makes the bitter, sweet ...

Warms the winter to spring again,
Secures the colds defeat.

We're cutting anchor,
Casting out - 
               into the glorious deep ...
The tide is out,
                                     the moon is high...
We're sailing ".

-Brooke Fraser: 'Sailboats'- 


Steph Wailes said...

Seriously beautiful Sar. What an extraordinary Creator we have - what extraordinary creation.

Kim Mansfield-Reid said...

that is also my love. hopefully we will be reunited soon

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